Xiaomi SU7 Max EV, SU7 EV spotted in on-road testing ahead of launch: see images

xiaomi suv ev


  • The smartphone brand Xiaomi will launch the world’s first vehicle powered by electricity available in three variants.
  • The images offer an inside view of Xiaomi’s forthcoming EVs.
  • The SU7 EVO has larger wheel arches and comes with five-spoke alloy wheels.

Xiaomi is preparing to launch new electric vehicles. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) in China recently released images of the forthcoming Xiaomi Smart Speed Ultra 7 (SU7 EV). The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology’s certification has recently said that Xiaomi will unveil their first electric car in three variants. So, the two other models will be called the SU7 Pro EV as well as the model SU7 Max.
Then, Weibo users have posted images of Xiaomi’s upcoming electric vehicles hidden in camouflage. These photos also offer glimpses of the interior of the Xiaomi’s forthcoming electric vehicles.

Xiaomi SU7 Max EV, SU7 EV test


  • Images of the camouflaged SU7 the EV reveal an appearance similar to MIIT’s uncovered designs.
  • According to news reports Xiaomi intends to unveil the latest EV as a luxury C-class car, aiming to compete against Tesla, NIO, Geely and many others.
  • The photos ( via) confirm the position of a LiDAR camera in the top of the building, a fact that is contrary to earlier reports that it was hidden behind the windshield.
  • The new Xiaomi SU7 EV features an active wing designed to collect and redirect air to increase speed of acceleration.
  • Active wings are often used in high-performance and racing automobiles, where drivers try to achieve the highest speed.

xiaomi suv ev-1

  • Xiaomi increases the style and aerodynamics of the forthcoming Su7 EV by including doors with flush handles.
  • The car’s design is characterized by its slim headlights as well as a sloped bonnet that adds additional elegance.
  • The SU7 EVO features wider wheel arches and comes with five spokes of an alloy rim with the brakes in yellow.
  • In contrast to modern cars with virtual mirrors on the exterior, Xiaomi opts for small mirrors with a side view.
  • Interior details shown in the photos include a steering wheel with three spokes with a flat-bottom and multiple switches, as well as an option to select the drive mode, as well as an Xiaomi inscription button.
  • The car will come with a large infotainment display similar to the ones that are found on Tesla’s EVs.

SU7 Max EV

  • A spy image shared on Weibo shows an Face-ID sensor in the B-pillar. It is believed to make up the Xiaomi SU7 premium Max EV.
  • The rear of the vehicle features an active spoiler that suggests Xiaomi’s goal of positioning it as a top-performing choice.
  • It is notable that Brembo brake calipers can be seen on the vehicle and are a standard feature in high-end electric automobiles.

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