Four easy ways to block spam calls on iPhone (2023)

four easy ways to block spam calls on iPhone

Are you battling with lots of calls from spammers lately? If you’re an iPhone user and are looking for a solution, it’s at your fingertips. iPhones come with a range of built-in features made to stop these annoying calls, allowing you to have the capability to block unwanted callers in a snap. Additionally, third-party spam removal applications are also available to assist you to deal with the unwanted interruptions to your routine. In this regard Here are some ways that are user-friendly to effectively stop junk and spam calls from your iPhone.

How do I stop unwanted and spam calls on the iPhone

There are a variety of ways to block unwanted calls and eliminate unknown callers on iPhones.

Utilizing the Silence Unknown Caller feature

iPhones feature a feature known as “Silence Unknown Callers” that instantly blocks calls to unsaved mobile numbers, and then marks the calls as missed within call logs. Here’s how:

1. Get the iPhone to start Settings

Step 2. Scroll down, and then click the phone option.

four easy ways to block spam calls on iPhone-1

Step 3. Select Silence Unknown Callers

four easy ways to block spam calls on iPhone-2

step 4: Switch off the Silence Unknown Callers option.

four easy ways to block spam calls on iPhone-3

5. After enabling, any calls made to numbers that are not saved will be categorized as unanswered calls in the Phone app.

four easy ways to block spam calls on iPhone-4

Be aware that this feature won’t prevent calls from unassigned mobile numbers that you’ve before called from your iPhone. Additionally, it assists in avoiding bot or spam calls. This means that your phone will no longer call for calls from non-saved contacts, such as delivery workers colleagues, delivery personnel, etc.

Utilizing third-party apps to block spam

four easy ways to block spam calls on iPhone-5

iPhone users who reside in India will soon be able to utilize Truecaller in order to spot unwanted calls and stop them from reaching you in real-time. Here’s how:

1. First, install Truecaller from the App Store, If you haven’t done so yet.

Step 2. Step 2: start Truecaller and sign-up by entering the required information. Also, you must grant all permissions requested by the app.

Step 3. After the app is set close it and then start Settings on your iPhone.

Step 4. From here, tap the the phone menu

four easy ways to block spam calls on iPhone-6

Step 5: Select Call Blocking & Identification

four easy ways to block spam calls on iPhone-7

6. Turn on each Truecaller switch there

four easy ways to block spam calls on iPhone-8

After Truecaller is turned on as your spam-blocking software and you are able to stop receiving spam calls, you will no longer receive calls from unwanted numbers. All unwanted calls will be stored in a contact titled “Spam”. This differs from Android which immediately block all spam callers.

Utilizing Silence Junk Callers feature

In accordance with the SIM provider the feature will be available under Settings, which allows you to eliminate unwanted and spam calls. This is how you can enable this feature on your iPhone:

Step 1. Start by opening the Settings in your iPhone

Step 2. Scroll down, then click Phone

four easy ways to block spam calls on iPhone-9

Step 3: Select Call Blocking & Identification

four easy ways to block spam calls on iPhone-10

Step 4: Turn on Silence Junk Callers

Note that this feature might not be available for Indian telecom companies.

Utilizing the Block function on certain phone numbers

If you don’t would like to contact an individual mobile number via calls Here’s how to remove these calls.

Step 1. Start the the Phone to your iPhone

Step 2. Click on the Tab for Contacts and look on the name of the user you would like to block.

four easy ways to block spam calls on iPhone-11

Step 3. Select the caller. Scroll down, and then select the option to block this number.

four easy ways to block spam calls on iPhone-12

4. Press “Block Contact” to confirm

If you block the contact, the person won’t be able call you to you or even send an SMS. However, they can call you through third-party applications like WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram or other such apps. Therefore, make sure you keep them off of those as well.

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