How to transfer data from Android to iPhone via Move to iOS app, Google Drive, and more

How to transfer data from Android to iPhone via Move to iOS app Google Drive

Moving data between an Android phone to iPhone may appear like a daunting job because of the differences between the operating system however it’s actually easy when you have appropriate tools and techniques. When you’re switching between one Android gadget to iPhone or you simply need to transfer information between the two there are many ways to accomplish this. We’ll go over the most popular options you can utilize to transfer information between Android into iPhone. We’ll also go over some of the most frequently-asked questions to ensure your experience will be quick and free of errors.

How can I transfer information between Android to iPhone

Using the Move to iOS app

Transfer data into iOS is a no-cost app created by Apple and is accessible through the Play Store, that allows users to transfer information via your Android mobile to iPhone wirelessly.

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  • Install the Move to iOS app for the Android handset from Google Play Store.
  • On your iPhone navigate to Applications & Data when you are setting up and choose to move data to Android.
  • Start the Move to iOS app on your Android phone and then click the Continue button..
  • On your iPhone navigate to Apps and Data when you are setting up and choose the option to transfer data to Android.
  • Start the Move to iOS app on your Android phone and tap Keep.
  • Tap Accept to continue, after you’ve mastered the conditions and terms.
  • On your iPhone you can tap Keep and then wait for an unicode code to be displayed.
  • Input the code into your Android phone and select the kind of information you’d like to transfer.
  • Then wait for the transfer to be completed, and then complete setting the iPhone.

Notification: You can transfer photos, contacts, messages,and videos, bookmarks on the web emails, contacts, and calendars with Move to iOS. Move to iOS application. Some iOS specific features, or those for Android could have to be removed.

Using Google Drive

It is possible to use Google Drive, which comes pre-installed on your phone. Google Drive to move data from an Android mobile phone to an iPhone. Here’s how:

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  • The first step is to backup your data on Google Drive. To do this, head into settings within the Android phone, choose System and then Backup and finally, backup the data to Google Drive. Add all the information you wish to transfer onto your iPhone.
  • Download Google Drive on your iPhone and sign in using the same account that you use for the Android phone.
  • Go to Google Drive on iPhone and find your backup files. It is possible to do this by clicking the menu > Backupson the iPhone.
  • Choose the information you wish to transfer and click to restore it..
  • The restore will take a while to be completed, and the data you saved will become accessible to you iPhone.

Apps for transferring data between Android to iPhone

Alongside the previous techniques, you can also use many third-party applications that allow you to transfer folders and files from an Android device to an iPhone. These applications aren’t under the control by Apple or Google and might not work with the entirety of folders and files. But, they’re extremely reliable when it comes to moving massive files wirelessly across devices.

Here’s how to use Dropbox in order to move files from Android into iPhone:


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Before you transfer files via Dropbox Make sure that you’re Android phone or iPhone is compatible with the application. The most current version of Dropbox is compatible with Android 6.0 and up and iOS 13.0 and up. To transfer files with Dropbox you’ll need to have a reliable internet connection both on your Android device as well as your iPhone. Dropbox utilizes encryption to safeguard your data during transfer and storage, but you should take care when moving sensitive information.

  • Download Dropbox. Install the Dropbox application on both your Android smartphone as well as the Dropbox app on your iPhone.
  • Start Dropbox. Open Dropbox App on an Android smartphone first.
  • Log into Your Dropbox account.
  • Click to the “+” icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
  • Choose the Upload file option.
  • Choose the files you wish to transfer onto your iPhone.
  • Tap Open. Files will upload to the Dropbox account.
  • Open your Dropbox application for Your iPhone then sign-in using the same account.
  • Open Files
  • Select the files you wish to download onto your iPhone.
  • Hit on the download button. Files will download onto your iPhone.

A few tips:

  • You can also upload the link to a file or folder on Dropbox. For this to happen, you must open Dropbox. Open Dropbox application on either your Android phone or iPhone. Click on the folder or file that you would like to share. Click Sharing > Copy Link. Then, you can paste this link into the app you prefer.
  • It is possible to set up Dropbox to automatically sync your files between different devices. For this to be done, launch the Dropbox application for the Android mobile or iPhone. Navigate to your settings tab, click on the Automatic-sync option, then select the files you would like to automatically sync.


1. What information can I transfer to Android to iPhone through Move to iOS? Move into iOS app?

As we mentioned earlier as well, as mentioned above, the Move to iOS application was developed to be used by Apple to transfer information of Android phones into iPhones and different iOS devices. The app lets you transfer various types of data that includes pictures, contacts, messages as well videos Web web bookmarks and email addresses and calendars from your Android gadget to the iPhone. Some iOS or Android-specific data such as app data and apps can’t be transferred but they can be transferred.

To access to use the Move to iOS app, you’ll have for you to install and download the app on the Android gadget from Google Play Store.

2. Can I wirelessly transfer data to Android onto iPhone?

Yes you can transfer information wirelessly Android to iPhone by using a variety of methods as described previously. The most commonly used and secure methods to wirelessly transfer data between Android onto iPhone is using Move to iOS. Move to iOS application. It is a Move to iOS application transfers data via an encrypted Wi-Fi network which makes the process safe and simple. You can utilize Google Drive to securely transfer all of your files across Android onto iPhone. Be aware that both of these methods cannot transfer all apps and app data because of OS limitations.

3. How can move my contact information from Android into iPhone?

There are many methods to transfer the contacts you have on Android onto your iPhone. The most commonly used option is to use the Move to iOS application that can transfer the majority of your information, including any updated contacts, onto your iPhone in a flash. To transfer specific contact information, use this procedure.

  • Install the Move to iOS application on the Android smartphone from Google Play Store.
  • On your iPhone navigate to Applications & Data during the setup process and select the option to transfer data on Android.
  • Start the Move to iOS app on your Android phone, and then tap Keep.
  • Tap Accept to continue, after you’ve mastered these terms and conditions.
  • On your iPhone Tap Keep and then wait for an unicode code to be displayed.
  • Enter the code into the screen of your Android phone, then select Contacts..
  • Allow the transfer to be completed. Your contacts will be transfered to your iPhone

There’s a different method to transfer contacts. This involves using Google. You can do this by using your Google account. To accomplish this you need to adhere to these instructions.

  • If you’re using an Android device On your Android device, go there: Settings> Accounts. Accounts > Google account..
  • Check that you enable Contacts is turned on Then, you can connect the contacts you have on the account on your Google account to ensure it is updated with the most recent count and data.
  • On your iPhone open the SettingsPasswords and Accounts>> Register Account
  • Go to Google and then continue to sign in using your same Google account you have on your Android phone.
  • Allow contacts and then wait for a certain amount of time. You’re Google contacts will be stored on your iPhone.

4. Can I transfer my data to an older Android phone to an iPhone?

Yes you can transfer your information from an old Android smartphone to an iPhone with two of the most popular methods: Transfer into iOS apps as well as Google Drive/ account. You can transfer messages, contacts images/videos web bookmarks, email calendars, and accounts through these techniques. Some iOS specific features for Android or iOS could cannot be transferred.

5. Do the transfer of the data on Android to iPhone erase the data stored that are stored on an Android device?

Moving data on the Android smartphone to iPhone by using methods such as Move onto iOS, Dropbox, or any other services, does not erase data from you Android smartphone. These methods are made to copy selected data of Android to iPhone and leave any original information on the device unaltered.

It’s recommended to make an backup of your data prior to transferring it to a different device. This will ensure that your original data is secure and safe.

Additionally, you must erase or delete data on your Android phone in the event that you plan to sell it or donate it to a person after having transferred information into an iPhone. It is possible to do this by accessing the Settings and then selecting one of the reset option or Factory reset options.

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